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When considering purchasing the perfect property – you think Property Finders.   Property Finders is the only Global Organisation connecting Property Finders and clients.  We have carved out a niche market in the Property Finding industry and have created a new location portal using our uniquely developed PLUS Platform (Property Location Utilisation System).

We are the single worldwide Network of PropertyFinders, bringing potential buyers and property finders together. Having utilized, modified and developed the most current Geo-Location technology within this field, we are able to identify the location of potential clients. This will allow potential property buyers to connect directly to the local Property Finders website. As our Licensee we will support you and help you customize our state of the arts system to meet your specific needs.

We are seeking dedicated and motivated individuals, organisations and companies to become part of our global PropertyFinders network. We are expanding and offering our specialized services in a diverse range of Countries, States and Regions, currently numbering over 400 locations worldwide, and growing daily.

PropertyFinders is one of the most recognised, leading and respected brands and Trademark names within this industry, both locally and worldwide.  It was established in 1995 and our Company has a distinguished and solid reputation for being client focused, straight forward, honest and reliable.

Utilising website, you will have a distinct worldwide web presence, that is instantly recognizable. As a licensee, everyone within your organisation has access to the branding. Your site will be customised to suit your specific needs and requirements.

As part of the PropertyFinders Network and PropertyFinders Group, a licensee can:
  • Use our premium branding on all marketing/advertising material and use a Globally recognised brand name giving you the confidence to trade under the PropertyFinders name,
  • Have a global alliance and network with other like-minded members,
  • Build an asset which you own and can resell at any time with no commission payable,
  • Participate in personalised website development,
  • Have 2 distinct options:
  • To utilize our cutting-edge website as a thoroughfare; or
  • To divert all potential clients straight to your own website, based on locality.
For the next 6 months, we have waived our establishment fee.

Other fees include: a set-up fee, legal fees and an annual licence fee. You can have a fully functioning website and business for under USD$3000.

All licensees are obliged to practice under our Professional Code of Conduct.

To start your new business and become a PropertyFinder in your designated geographical area today, please contact us below.

Become a Property Finders Licensee

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